Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

Last week: 8.25 kg (18 pounds, 3 ounces), 28.5 inches
This week: 8.3 kg (18 pounds, 5 ounces), 29 inches
Week's change: +50 grams/2 ounces, +0.5 inches
Net change: +600 grams/21 ounces, +0.5 inches

The granulation tissue is improving. After burning it with silver nitrate again on Friday (at the surgery office), I put alum on it, and it turned really disgusting. I'll spare you the gory details, but it looks like it might be on the retreat.

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  1. Folks at church who hadn't seen her for 2 weeks said they thought she looked bigger. It's often hard for me to notice since I see her everyday, but she really is making good progress on her weight with the g-tube!