Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mr. Moon, Moon, Bright and Shiny Moon...

Our current 2-year-old obsession:


  1. I'm trying to run to the door to let her out! MOON MOON! Love it. Hunter is obsessed to- he talks about the moon during the day saying "Moon hide trees"- which means that we can't see the moon right now because it is hiding behind the trees. This is what we tell him at night when he's mad he can't find the moon. Love it love it. : )

  2. LOVED THAT!!! Outshide? So precious!!!

  3. Dear Becca,

    I'm sorry your mom tortures you by not letting you see the moon (and I'm sorry you're still too itty bitty to reach the door know). Come see Erin; she'll take you "outshide" to see the moon, moon, moon all you want. ;)