Monday, September 13, 2010

This Week's Preview

This is one very busy girl this week.

Monday, she goes to school (hooray!) and then to see the nutritionist at Vandy.
Tuesday, she goes to gymnastics in the morning and then the ENT and audiologist in the afternoon -- AND TURNS TWO, ADJUSTED! Wowzers!
Wednesday, she has physical therapy, occupational therapy, and a pediatrician appointment (probably with a flu shot), all in a row.
Thursday, she has her 2-year (albeit late) NICU follow-up appointment, which is rumored to be 2 hours full of in-depth assessments. I, of course, am excited about this one, except that we are going to have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get there!
Friday, she has feeding therapy, like normal.

SuperDad is in Kentucky all day on Tuesday, and on Thursday night I - I'm so excited! - fly to NYC to see one of my best friends in the whole wide world (Lauren S., for you Brentwood folks) and her sweet baby Everett (or Eh-vy, as Becca calls him)! We had some vouchers from past travel so Lauren's sister, Sarah, and I are flying for $64 roundtrip! Wohoo! So it's really a busy week for all of us, but I'll try to update as we make our way through appointments. And while we don't actually (yet) use the Wii in her therapy, I do often see this hard-at-work expression on her precious face. She's such a trooper! You're doing great, Becca Hill!


  1. Those Wii pictures are great! I'll try to get pics from Saturday posted soon. This weekend just flew by--great to see you, though!

  2. Send Lauren my love . . . miss you all!