Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brand Power

Becca now not only recognizes Elmo, Abby, Eh-nie, Oshar, Tookie, Rover and the rest of the gang, but she also recognizes
the brand.

Today she found the logo on the inside of her new Elmo shoes (consignment sale find - $5 - but I would have paid $25!) and promptly started chanting "Seseme! Seseme! Seseme!"

At least it's a brand I can trust, I guess!


  1. Kate exclaims "Ah-bee!" and "Memo" (Elmo) whenever she sees these characters. Whatever brand loyalty voodoo they're doing, it's working.

  2. When Jackson was about her age, he saw a Fisher-Price logo on something and said, "Play Laugh Grow!"