Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hey! Surgery went well. We're home and nearly all sleeping. (I'll be drifting off in a moment, hopefully. Last night was kind of rough and this morning was...early.) No issues with her blood sugar and no trouble with the surgery, but, as always, Becca woke up quite distraught (to put it mildly) and cried for 2 straight hours. Again, we got the "maybe if you go ahead and take her home she'll feel better" treatment. I'm not complaining about that; it's just kind of amusing to be pseudo-kicked out of the PACU. Cousin Emma knows the feeling. :) I'll give a few more details later, but now, I sleep. Thanks for the advice, kind words, and prayers!

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  1. Go ahead and take her home. Never mind the fact she is so out of her mind she tries to get out of a moving car and has no idea who she is or who you are...good times! Glad she is home. We are thinking about you guys.