Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Becca is 2 - Again!

Today is two years from Becca's due date. That makes her two by virtually all definitions. Her actual age is 27 months, but her adjusted age is now officially 24 months. I have a 2-year-old. A lot of professionals stop "adjusting" for prematurity at 2; that is, they don't take into account the extra 3 months that she's been ex utero, but the doctors who deal most with micropreemies (preemies born under 2 pounds) suggest giving a child until 3 to fully catch up and adjust up until that third birthday. I figure at this point it's easiest just to refer to Becca as being 2, and I'll tweak when I bestow upon her 2 -and-1/2-year-old status. Unless, of course, she starts telling people her age herself. Could happen tomorrow.

I won't rehash the past 34 months for you and tell you how thankful we are to be here. I'd do it all over again in a minute if that's what it would take to have our baby girl with us today, and it's simply impossible fully to express our gratitude. I'll just skip to the best part. And here she is:

saying "Ta-Da!" (from gymnastics)

being beautiful:

telling Sasha "No!" while Daddy puts the smack down, Dog Whisperer-style:
and one more "Ta-Da!"

(The real-from-the-pro-shop leotard was her "other birthday" present...off the sale rack, of course! She loves that it's covered in stars - a big favorite these days!)

I would really, really love to write a long, eloquent post about how wonderful Becca is, give you an in-depth update on all her medical issues (some of which are non-issues now!), and tell you her birth story the way I now tell her, but, frankly, I don't have it in me tonight. I've got a million appointments this week, a trip in a day and a half, a sick husband, a very rambunctious 2-year-old with an ear infection, and 2 days of Clomid in me. Someday these posts will be written, but not tonight.

Tonight I'll just say that Becca is happy, so very happy. She loves the life that she almost never had. She takes everything she has to do in stride...and a stride that is more barreling than tiptoeing. She makes herself known and knows no fear. She has developed the funniest sense of humor and is just plain cheeky at times. She's stubborn and determined. She's everybody's friend and can charm a full waiting room in 5 seconds flat. She's a happy girl...and so am I.

I am so grateful.


  1. W00t, w00t! Go Becca go!!!:)

  2. Nancy- So happy for you that you have not only reached an important milestone with Becca but have done it with so much faith, determination, patience (and of course humor!). Becca is so lucky to have such a supportive mom behind her every step of the way!

  3. Beautiful Nancy. You are all very lucky to have one another and it is amazing to be able to follow your story.
    -Colleen F