Thursday, September 30, 2010

Post-Op Babble

Wondering how Becca feels tonight?

I think she's doing okay. :) She woke up from her afternoon nap babbling away like this and didn't stop until we put her to bed. Same thing happened after her first set of tubes. I think that now she can hear better, she just wants to talk to hear herself! It's pretty hilarious to watch. By the time I filmed the video, she was getting sleepy, but, wow, she's been active this afternoon.

As far as the actual went well. I started to get a little nervous because it took a little longer than we expected, but it turns out that her right eardrum was retracting into her middle ear so much that it was hard to get the tube in. (Basically, the pressure built up in the middle/inner ear kind of sucks the eardrum back...which sounds pretty painful to me!) It also turns out that her adenoids were "big and gross," so even though we had just planned on taking them out as a precaution, they really did need to come out. It's a really good thing we were able to get in for the surgery so quickly! Becca should be a lot more comfortable now...not that she was showing us that she was in pain, tough kid!

Like I said before, she had a rough wake-up, as usual, but it was actually a little better than normal, since she "just" cried for hours instead of screaming, wailing, and crying. Still pitiful, though. AND they gave her the D-10 IV fluids instead of the normal stuff after surgery...and I didn't even have to insist too much. I realized on the way home that though we've never had a really scary surgery, we've never gotten to take her straight home after surgery it was nice to be quite boring (albeit the loudest party in the PACU).

My guess is that over the next few days we'll start to see some improvement in her speech and balance, though the balance bit might just be some wishful thinking, according to the doc. Speaking of the doctor, I was again reassured that we made a good move by switching ENT's. Dr. Goudy is a much better match for Becca's issues and my, um, anxiety.

Oh, and our favorite pirate pastor came to pray with us before surgery and even prayed in kid language. I love that he knew that Becca's spiritual needs were as important as our own, if not more so!

All in all, I couldn't ask for more out of today!


  1. What a trooper! That certainly does not look like a princess who just had surgery! Congrats on a successful surgery. Here's to hoping that her speech advances by leaps and bounds! :)

  2. What a joyful sound! She's singing! Her Miss Susan REALLY likes this...