Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dog Park!

A couple of weeks ago, we discovered the Spring Hill Bark Park. It was a little crazy for me to take Becca and both dogs on my own, but it worked out. Given that the dogs sniffed around, ran for a minute, and then took shelter from the heat by hiding in the shade, while Becca explored just about every inch of the park, I would say that she had the most fun of all. I'm excited to go back now that the weather has turned pleasant!

Sasha, in her black fur coat, trying to cool off:
And dapper little Buster, doing the same:
Becca has recently learned to hold her nose and say "peeee-uuuu!".
The breeze catching the poop can gave her plenty of cause to exhibit this new skill:
The fascination with the fire hydrant really grossed me out.
Much hand scrubbing followed these pictures:

I love how Sasha is going into a point here - not sure why, but it's pretty cute,
as is Becca's use of the dogs' agility equipment. Perfect fit!

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