Monday, August 29, 2011

Ring Around the Rosie!

I love this video for so many reasons, but the chief one is that you can see Becca's personality so clearly.  The girl owns the room.  Even if the room is outside of Pancho's after trivia.  And even if the crowd is group of people many times her age.  I swear, Becca gets adults to do thing they would never do otherwise.  I mean, I guess if any group of adults would play Ring around the Roses in public, it would be the Lovells and the Prices, but still...if I ever need a raise (which I don't), I think I'm sending Becca to the staff-parish meeting to ask for it.  And so again, I say, this kid will either be president of the United States or a band director.  See for yourself!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Becca Hill, Minister of Music

Okay, I know I'm going a little video-crazy this week, but I just can't wait to show you this one. John was playing guitar instead of reading books at bedtime, and Becca was WAY into it. Note the guitar on her pajamas - she was totally rocking out on it and then she switched to the xylephone and grabbed her stole. She really wanted that stole to stay diagonal like our music minister Anne's. And that would be "Alleluia," she is screami--I mean--singing. And then she makes her directoral debut...which I happily dedicate to the hand-waving Uncle Doug and Anne Hook!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Stuff I Hear A Lot Addendum

Two I can't believe I forgot:

* Wassat noise? ("What's that noise?" which is not exactly affirming when the "noise" in question is Mommy's singing.)
* Wha happened? (If she gets hurt, if she trips, if she drops something, etc. I think it stems from her lack of bodily awareness - all of a sudden she's on the floor, and she doesn't know how she got there - and it's really adorable, even when she says it through tears.)

And, by request, the translation of "Hodjoooooo!" is, "Hold you!" which actually means, "Hold me!"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Stuff I Hear a Lot

* What you DOing?
*  Mommy, hodjooooooo!
*  Where ___ go?
*  What's ___ doing?  (And often the ____ is something inanimate, making for some awkward answers.  Ummm...the couch is sitting there?  Your food is waiting for you to eat it?)
*  Hep me!
*  I no want to ____.
*  Where Dam?  (Where's Graham - see Tiny Dancer post)
*  Where we going?
*  Hodjooooo!  (in the car)
*  I no yike ____ .
*  Wader bottle!  Wader bottle!  I need wader bottle!
*  I'ma pick!  (I'm gonna pick!)
*  I need wipe my hands!
*  (If a take a split second to respond to the above statement) Wipe my haaaaaaaands!
*  Dere's da chuch!  (Not that we're there much or anything.)
*  I'm a pincess!  You a pincess, too?  (Only if we are wearing dresses, but every time we wear dresses.)
*  I do bayet!  
*  No, Busser!  No, Sasa!
*  You BAD!  (My least favorite thing to hear.  I leaves me wondering where she learned it.  I'm guessing it was something the kids at school started doing especially since she thinks it's hilarious.)
*  I needa time-out!  (And she's usually right.)
*  Wing around da rosies?
And, of course, my favorite * I yub you!