Thursday, October 1, 2009

RSV Season, Round 2

Becca's public service announcement:

Today is October 1st.  We are now officially back in RSV season in Tennessee.  Though Becca's risks if she is infected are not as dire as they were last season, she is not receiving the preventative shots (Synagis) that she received last season, so, in a way, she is more likely to get sick.  Henceforth, Becca's public appearances will be rare and ought to remain touch-free.  This especially involves crowded public places and place in which people are tempted to a) be adorable yet germy toddlers; b) be present when ill; and/or c) touch Becca.  Thus, church appearances will be rare, pediatrician appointments will be very brief (and possibly involve the back door), and grocery shopping will happen only in off-hours (particularly during school).  Your understanding and support is greatly appreciated.  If you love Becca, you will respect her needs.  And if you love her mom, you won't give her crap about it.  Thank you.

Nancy's addendum to Becca's PSA:  While we will be in semi-isolation, feel free to invite me and/or John to social events.  We still need friends.  And we have some very reliable babysitters.  But please understand if we have to decline.  We still love you.

Stay posted for a video (when I get it uploaded) of Becca almost pulling herself up to a stand!  Yay!

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  1. I'm wondering what this winter will bring, too. Our RSV season doesn't start until December from what I understand. I think Vince will qualify for the synagis shot. We'll visit his pediatrician this month for the 9 month check up on the 15th. I love Becca's age counters.