Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ick - Queasy Alert

Pitiful Becca...

Just put Becca to bed after a long evening. She hasn't eaten much the past two days, and she was kind of dry heaving yesterday. She's had 3 mushy poops today, and she threw up at dinner. Yum. She's been acting a little funny, and her temperature just before her bath (but after watching the rain with me on the cool front porch for a few minutes) was 100.5. I think the wee one has a wee tummy virus! Of course, she was still happy as a lark in her bath today, even though she dry heaved a few more times and was off balance. I love my waterbug!

Don't worry; I'll keep you posted, but my hunch is that it's just a little bug. We've got Pedialyte on hand already. I'm not feeling so hot myself, so we may be sharing it (the bug, not the Pedialyte). Let's hope we're over it soon!

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