Saturday, October 3, 2009

Going Vertical

Becca loves standing.  We're still really hoping that she will eventually crawl on her hands and knees because it would be better for her strength issues (and for general coordination), but given how interested she is in being vertical, it just may not happen.  We're still working on it in physical therapy, but in the meantime, Becca's working really hard at learning to stand.  And it's pretty cute.  She loves being tall!  (And we're not about to tell her that she's not!)  She's fairly stable when she is standing, and the fact that she has a helmet makes both her and me more comfortable with the tippiness.

Here she is standing in the jungle:

Becca October I 009

And here's a link to a video of her practicing in the tub.  It's a bit long (2 minutes), but if you watch the whole thing, you get to see her standing up, sneezing, and sitting down, which is a pretty funny process.

I haven't been able to get a video of the rolling/crawling because every time she sees the camera on her, she stops and smiles, the little diva.  I'll keep trying, though!  Lately she's been skipping the infantry crawl part altogether and log-rolling everywhere, even all the way down the hall.  I'm starting to think that she likes being dizzy.  It's quite amusing.


  1. Extremely cute video! She is getting stronger all the time and of course, cuter all the time!

  2. LOVE IT! Love the video LURVE the bow :)

  3. From Stacy: LOVE IT!!! I seriously had tears, she is so amazing! Her focus and concentration on her task is toooooo cute! Cracked me up how she kept looking down to see how much further it was to get down… so cute!!