Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hunter and Becca's First Kiss

Our friends Katy, Sarah, and Hunter came to visit this week! It was SOOOO fun to see them -- definitely a major bright spot in a grey, dreary week. Katy stayed with us for a few days, and Sarah and Hunter trekked out from the city on Monday afternoon. Hunter and Becca hadn't seen each other since May, so it was very exciting for our two little lovebirds. Hunter recently learned to kiss, but at first he had trouble with her helmet. (But he was nice enough to sanitize first.)

Once the helmet was off, he was ready to cuddle. (And we re-sanitized after right after this.)

It was a pretty day, so we stayed outside and snapped a few more shots. I've got to say, it was a lot harder to get a still shot of Hunter than Becca. She's happy examining a piece of grass for 15 minutes; in the meantime, Hunter is crawling/walking laps around us - literally. He's so adorably everywhere. So while Becca does this:

Hunter does this:

It was especially fun to try to change his diaper in the wide open. Good thing Sarah's got quick

Check out the height difference on these kids! Hunter is really tall, so Becca's not quite as far behind the average kid their age, but this is pretty hilarious. I love our itty bitty girl! Katy's such a good "aunt" -- she let the kids "beep" her nose all afternoon long. Too cute.

And one more shot, just because he is so handsome, even though he does look like Jason...Clark and Colin, you've got some competition!

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