Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miracle of Miracles

My daughter eats broccoli.

Okay, so maybe by "eat" I mean that she ate two bites and threw 14 bites on the floor.  (Yes, I did just count the pieces of broccoli on my kitchen floor.)  But if you are one who recalls my many years of sitting at the table long hours after everyone else left until I could stealthily feed my vegetables to my dog  finished my vegetables and/or my having to eat my leftover supper vegetables for breakfast the next morning, you know that it is a small miracle that any green at all would pass my offspring's lips.

Tonight's supper was a particularly toddler-esque meal.  We tried diced cooked carrots, a la Gerber (floor: 3 bites, mouth: 0 bites).  We tried the broccoli (floor:14, mouth: 2).  We tried de-li-cious homeade potato soup (this one stayed on the spoon with just a drop on her tongue).  We tried whole grain "veggie" crackers, which have very little vegetable matter in them (floor: 6, mouth: 1).  We tried a cut-up Gerber chicken stick (floor: 5, mouth: 0).  We tried quartered and peeled grapes (floor: 5, mouth:1, mom:2).  The score before I brought out the ringer: 33 bites on the floor, 4 bites on the floor.  And 1/2 a grape for mom.

Thank God (and Mr. Leo and WIC) for Pediasure and its total nutrition-y goodness.

I admit defeat and bust out the shredded colby-jack.  Even her blessed cheese is scorned tonight, though not after she shovels a few bites in.

Oh well.  At least the dogs will feast tonight.  I mean, just in case John is reading this, at least I will have fun sweeping tonight.

Any advice?  She will only let you feed her ice cream or sweet yogurt (like, say, Yoplait whipped chocolate and raspberries).  Everything else, she has to finger-feed.  Help!


  1. Try avocado. It has lots of healthy fats for a growing Becca. You can pull out the pit and cut it into smaller pieces.
    then if she doesn't like it you can make guacamole.

    You can also maybe try pieces of sweet potatoes. Cook and scoop out. Dice it.

    These are pretty good ones. One of the books I read is "Super baby Food" and it is pretty good.

  2. you can take a break feeding her this weekend. I'll bring colin and he'll figure out how to make her eat!

  3. Bananas cut into sticks so they're easier to hold, pickles cut into tiny chunks, Eggo waffles cut into little sticks... Parker (the 2yo) wouldn't eat ANYTHING he didn't feed himself at that age. Grrr....

  4. I SO wish I had some advice... but I have the worlds' pickiest eater as a child. She eats a ton of cheese and yogurt too... we are good in the dairy department!!

    The pumpkin patch we went to is the one in Smyrna... Waldon Farm I think. Love it!

  5. i have a 16-month old niece who is all about "anna do it." so i totally understand "becca do it." anna likes to eat french toast sticks by ian's - although you could easily make your own! she also devours mickey mouse chicken nuggets from costco. they are whole grain battered and all natural, no fillers or preservatives. she loves eggs - i make her an "omelet" with nothing but one egg and some cheese. i cut it up into strips for her - result = more egg in mouth, less on floor (as opposed to scrambled, which she loves to eat, but fails to actually ingest most of). and in a recent, desperate attempt to get more calories and veggies into her, we let her have her first juice box - a fruit and veggie blend, with sweet potato and carrot juices, along with apple and pear. i can't remember who makes it though. also, i snuck some sweet potato chunks into (homemade) marinara sauce and mini pasta shells. that was somewhat successful :-) good luck!