Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grandma's Little Ninja

Grandma Speas is here for a quick visit, and we've had a lot of fun. I had to have caffeine yesterday just so I could keep up with her. (Yes, I'm 29 and she's, um, older than that.) (By the way, this is the Halloween dress I made for Becca!)

Yesterday afternoon, we walked to the church to swing and visit daddy. We had to cut across a farm/orchard kind of lot and walk on the highway a little bit (which was safe, I promise), but it was worth it! We even took the
puppies with us, and they haven't been on a real walk in a loooong time. (I tried to take the dogs and Becca on a walk once, and it's a little overwhelming.) After I attacked the swing with Clorox wipes, she had a great time in it! We even went down the slide together - so cute.

We tied the puppies up so they could stand guard. Here are our vicious attack dogs:

I tried to convince Sasha to carry Becca's backpack for me on the way home, but she didn't get very far with it.

Some of you probably remember mom's "Ninja Baby" video that she took of Becca sometime in her first few days. None of us can figure out how to slow the video down on her camera, so it all goes in high speed. It's pretty funny. I know you've been asking for a video of Becca rolling/crawling, so here it is. ;) (BTW, if you are epileptic, you probably shouldn't watch this video. :) )

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