Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Birthdays

This weekend, Nana Dana and G-Diddy came to visit for their birthdays. (How fun is it that they come to us for their birthdays? I love it!) Jen and Colin came, too (so fun!), and we made the trek to Hendersonville for Becca's first trip to the pumpkin patch. (Yeah, First Methodist Youth!) Becca LOVED the pumpkins and had a great time, even though it was cold. She was so excited about playing with these fun orange things with sticks on top that she didn't mind!

Here she is among the big boys:

And in a patch a little more Becca-sized:

Posing with Aunt Jen and "Uncle" Colin (will we get to remove the " " 's someday?....hhmmm...if it were up to Becca, we definitely would! ;) :

I love this picture of John snuggling with her...he's such a great daddy! (And I don't know why it is doing funky things with the font here - sorry!):

And, of course, Mommy had a great time, too:

Somehow Nana and G-Diddy managed to make it out of the patch without posing with Becca, but here they are at their birthday dinner at the Hibachi grill - yum! We hope you had a happy (early) birthday! Aren't they cute?

And we got Nana a Jim Shore angel for her birthday, but, let's face it: here is her real present:

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  1. yeah fun at the pumpkin patch!! more fun next sunday so bring the girl back!