Saturday, September 26, 2009

Medicine Free!

For the first time in her 463 days of life, Becca just went to bed with no medicines.  For the first time. 

At her 15-month appointment, we decided to discontinue her Zantac, which she's been getting twice a day for reflux since before she came home.  She's had Tylenol the past couple of days to give her some relief from her teething (#3 has broken through now!) and to help her through her vaccine ickiness, but she hasn't had anything in 24 hours. 

I laid out her pajamas, John gave her a bath, I cleaned her helmet, diapered and clothed her (including her "hat"), gave her Pediasure in a sippy cup, read The Going to Bed Book and Goodnight Moon, sang to her, prayed with her, and put her in her crib. 

How blessedly normal.


  1. Gosh! We started Nathan on "full time" meds when he was about 6 months old and he wasn't "drug free" until middle school! Seriously!

  2. This is so profoundly simple and beautiful. You have brought tears to my eyes, Nancy. Hugs for you and sweet little baby kisses for Becca. God love you, now I am really crying! :)