Friday, September 25, 2009

Becca is 1 - again!

While we were gone, Becca had her second first birthday!  The one year anniversary of her due date was September 14.  Now she is undeniably a one-year-old.  Remember, we pay the most attention to her adjusted age, which is her gestational age based on her due date.  Theoretically, then, she "should" be doing everything a 12-month-old does, not everything a 15-month-old does.  Make sense?  Of course, in reality, she's on her special Becca schedule - Becca does it when Becca wants to do it.  And she always has, hasn't she?  We'll continue to "adjust" her age when looking at developmental issues until she is around 3, when the differences between a 36-month-old and a 39-month-old are negligible - or within the same range.

Of course, I had to celebrate her "extra" birthday when we got back.  I snagged this Publix cake for cheap (yay for coupons!), and let her dig in.  She wasn't as thrown off by the texture this time around, though she still didn't eat very much of it. 

Beccca 1 again

She's been in her helmet for almost a month now - do you think she's made progress?  I think so! 

Becca after 1 helmet month

Her hair is growing fast now - I don't know if it's because of the helmet (Kathleen said it may) or just because it was going to anyway.  At any rate, it's coming in a really pretty color (colors, really), and she loves to feel it when you take her helmet off.  Then she grabs for the helmet to play with it, of course.  I love the scottie dogs on this jumper, which was given to us by our friend - you guessed it! - Scottie.  Becca got to be good friends with Nana and G-Diddy's scotties, Katie and Wes, during Nana Camp, so I think she likes this outfit, too.  Of course.

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