Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yadda Yadda

Not much new to report today.  They replaced the pH probe this afternoon.  Turns out that the doctor last night could have dropped it last night but her didn't know that.  Guess that's the downside of a teaching hospital - the attending last night was a final-day emergency medicine intern who was finishing up his 1 month non-critical rotation...not so up on minor GI procedures that the GI nurses usually handle.  Oh well - she only ended up having to go NPO for about an hour so that she didn't have a really full stomach when they are poking tubes down her esophagus and coughing a lot.  We did figure out (with the help of a child life specialist) that we could place the probe while she was in my lap instead of holding her down on the bed, which she (not surprisingly) hates.  The attending (who is back in my good graces because he actually came by twice today) looked at the biopsy slides and is pretty sure that there is nothing abnormal.  (There is a very slight chance that the pathologist may find something else, but I'm pretty sure Dr. Moulton would have found it, and so is he.)  Once we have the results from the pH probe, he may order a gastric emptying test, which I think involves dye and pictures but no sedation, but for now, they are doing another night of tube feeds and weighing her in the morning.

By the way, you may be curious about the weight stats since that's what we are looking at so closely.  I'm not at the hospital (it's my night at home), so I can't have the nurses pull the first couple of weights, but here's what I know offhand:

Wednesday @ 06:30 - 7.575 kg (16.65 pounds)
Thursday @ 07:00 - 7.605 kg (16.731 pounds)
for a gain of 30 grams, or approximately 1 ounce.

I don't know how good that is, but I do know that's the gain that they wanted to see in the NICU everyday, but 1 ounce in a toddler could be the difference of whether or not she has peed lately.  (Since she is in the hospital for "failure to thrive" (the official diagnosis of being and remaining itty bitty), all of her weigh-ins are done sans diaper and on the same scale to maintain accuracy.)

That's all I know!  It's time to snuggle with my pups!

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