Saturday, July 10, 2010

Almost Home?

Surgery has removed the sutures and signed off on our going home! No baths or swimming for a week (from Thursday), but she's already back to eating her Cheerios! We're waiting for the GI team to round and to hear from endocrine. I want to know what's going on with her blood sugar before we go, but I think that's it, apart from packing up the ridiculous amount of stuff (or "plunder," as my mom would say) we've accumulated over the past two weeks. I see several trips to the car in our future.

Remember when I mentioned Becca's big playdate with Ms. Melissa a few days ago?

They had so much fun - I think they visited the trains, the fish, the dragon playground and 2 playrooms AND they went to medical play with the folks from child life (where the kids get to play doctor to teddy bears and dolls - so cute). What a big morning! It was such a nice break for me, even though I spent the morning sitting in the room waiting for the doctors who never came. I was so frustrated that morning, so it was a really good thing Becca had a much more cheerful friend to play with. They played so hard, in fact, that this is what Becca looked like by the end of her lunch (and beginning of her naptime!):

Thanks again, Melissa! You are awesome!

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