Saturday, July 3, 2010

But on the Other Hand...

...yesterday was one of the best days ever.

She really walks now - not just a step or two or several more in therapy, but down the hall!  And it's not just to get from me to John or from one toy to another - she's walking because she likes it!  She really likes it!  I really haven't seen her crawl much at all in the past 48 hours.  When she's not walking, she's knee-walking, which is definitely a shift in the right direction.  I am so proud - beyond proud! - and wondering what it means that this huge milestone occurred in the hospital.  My silly old bear needed an audience.  (And yes, she did pause mid-video to wave at the nurses at the desk.  Pageant queen.)

Sumner Station folks, please make Jane watch this one!  Jane, look what a walker we've created!  Thank you!



  2. Okay, I may or may not have cried when I watched this. YAAAAY!

  3. Yeah Becca! How exciting, Nancy! I bet this is an Independence Day (weekend) you won't forget for many weekends. Now Becca has her own independence to celebrate. :)