Friday, July 30, 2010

Back to the Hospital!

Yes, I am trying to use that title as much as possible. Seems it's a theme these days.

While I was checking the volume of water in Becca's mic-key button balloon (which holds it in), she squirmed at just the wrong time, and the button popped out. Eventually, I'll be able to pop it back in myself, but while it's so new, the surgeons have to do it. Which, since it's Friday night, means a trip back to the ED for me and Itty. (SuperDad is still at camp. He misses all the fun.)

Hopefully we'll be out of here in a little while. If you don't hear otherwise, assume all is well. Whenever we get home, I'll probably choose sleep over posting. Or maybe a shower, since I'm still covered in camp gunk. Ew.