Monday, July 19, 2010


11 days post-op, and we're still doing fine. I can't think coherently at the moment, so I'll just throw some words up here and see what sticks. Like pasta on the kitchen cabinet.

Becca's tummy is healing up well. Her bellybutton incision is looking good (though still red, but John and the pediatrician swear it's fine), and her tube is doing fine. It's still oozey, but from what I hear, it might be that way for a while. That's good, because gastric juices are fun. At least it's one bodily fluid that doesn't stink. Toddlers are stinky. Seriously stinky. Poop, pee, milk, juice, sweat, dirt, smelly feet....stinky kids.

We followed up with the (new) pediatrician on Friday. Dr. Rawls. He's kind of adorable. Like I kind of want to bring him home and keep him around because he's cute and sweet and adorable. But then he'd probably want to bring his own 2-year-old with him, and our house can only handle the stink of one toddler (see above).

Also in the fun, new category: Becca's school. The really exciting option for which TEIS would pay for two 5-hour days (High Hopes inclusive preschool) has yet to work out. As in, there are 3 kids ahead of her on the waiting list...which is not what I was led to believe initially. Crush my dreams already, will you? BUT - option b will still be good for her. Option b = WAVES (which I think stands for something, but I don't know what). She'll attend the WAVES early learning classroom (10 2-year-olds, 4 developmentally delayed (like B) and 6 typically developing) for two hours a week. Yeah, two is way less than ten. Especially when the school is 25 minutes away. But two is more than zero, and she's going to love it. And they are fabulous. We visited today and Becca had a great time, even going "owside" on the playground with the class. (By the way, "owside" = paradise to Becca, even though it's hot as Hades these days.) Every day, they work on some kind of sensory issues (today it was getting paint on your hands and doing handprints) and practice using an open cup during snack time. If I can get them to potty train her, I can retire. Of note: Becca is tiny. It was crazy to see her in a room full of kids her age. Granted, she's on the young end of two, but, wowzers, Itty Bitty is seriously itty bitty. Crazy to see it so obviously. She didn't mind though; as Miss Lola said, "I think she'll hold her own." Understatement? Mwahahahahahahahaha....Becca's taking over the classroom. I think the word "gregarious" might have been used. Or maybe that was at church. At any rate, I don't know where she gets it. John and I are so antisocial. (Demystifying John Hill lesson #45763: yes, he's on the quiet side, but he's extremely long as someone else makes the plan.)

But the really exciting development in our house is the addition of new the form of fish. Last Thursday, Becca and I went to PetSmart and picked out two male gouramis and one male and one female dalmatian mollies. I thought it would be fun to have fish babies down the line. Little did I know that Ms. Perdita was already knocked up. On Saturday when I went to bed, we had 4 fish; on Sunday morning we had 11...then 12...and then today, we discovered another baby, for a grand total of 13 fish: 4 adults, 9 baby mollies. On Sunday afternoon, I drove the 6 minutes to PetSmart again (seriously, 6 minutes! Wahoo!) and bought a little floating baby fish net/cage thing to keep Pongo, Perdita, and the as yet unnamed gouramis from eating Freckles, Thunder, Lucky, Patch, Rolly, Cadpig, Pepper, Penny, and/or Two-Tone. (Big thanks to cousin Jessica for the exhaustive list of named Disney dalmatians.) Becca hasn't noticed the babies yet, but she loves watching her "ish!" (always with an exclamation mark). I'm trying to figure out the best way to give her some extra inches without tumbling to her death while ish-watching. Still, very, very fun. I promise I WILL post pictures...just like I still promise that I'll post about everything else...someday...maybe for 2 hours on Monday mornings...with a chocolate butterfly at Meridee's...yum. (Did I mention that Becca's school shares a parking lot with Meridee's Breadbasket...which is, to put it mildly, heaven...and even more special because I used to hang out in the owners' house and eat their fresh bread, sweets, homemade pastas babysit for the owner's kids. And the kids were pretty sweet, too.

I can't stand it any longer. I've got to go watch the season premiere of Psych. Man, I love USA and their USA network original series. And I probably need some ice cream. Probably. Definitely.

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  1. That's so exciting about school! Maybe to add inches to see the ish, you could get one of those stools with the railing around it--you see them mainly in catalogs for cooking stuff, since they help kids stand at the counter and help without falling down. The Next Steps catalog might have one too.