Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well, poop.

She pulled out her pH probe.  I'm not sure how exactly it happened, but it must have been on our walk.  Maybe it was when she was leaning waaaay over in the wagon to steal sips of Mommy's Sprite.  It could have caught on something and gotten yanked out when she sat up.  Poop.  The weird part is that she didn't pull out the n-g tube, which was taped with the probe.  The probe wire is skinnier, but the n-g tube wasn't even really loose.  Odd.  And annoying.

Since this is the probe that was to stay in place for 24 hours, we may be set back another day.  They can't replace it tonight, as it's only done during the day (non-emergent and all), but we are still waiting to hear back from the resident on call about whether or not she will have to be put back under general anesthesia for it to be replaced.  If so, they will have to stop her feeds, and we'll lose time on our tube feeding/growing experiment, which the attending said (when I finally saw him this morning for the first time!) will need to be at least 3 days.  If they are able to replace the probe without having to stop her feeds, it's no big deal but kind of a pain.

All that means that we'll be here until at least Saturday but most likely Sunday or later.  Thank God we're in a plush twin room!  (Did I mention that already?  We are in a room that was originally designed for a set of twins (remember, it used to be a NICU room and there are lots of twins in the NICU), so we have a little extra space which is mostly taken up by a REAL bed - so much better than the crappy pull-out "beds" we had in our old room!)

BUT - on the plus side today, we had two super fun visitors!  First Melissa came to play and we walked all over the 4th floor!  Becca walked really well with her, probably because she is a baby whisperer.  Then when SuperMom was about to lose her patience, our new children's minister, Kristen, showed up, bearing cupcakes (hence my undying love for her).  She was a rock star and kept Becca smiling and giggling while we waited and waited and waited for Becca's procedures and the much anticipated arrival of SuperDad.  (Have I mentioned that Becca loves her daddy?)  It was good to see her, good to have some help, and really, really good to be cared for by a fellow staff member.  Becca's one of her kids now, so she visited her in the hospital.  I think it was also really special because it affirmed Becca's place as an important, though itty bitty, member of our new congregation and not just a PK.  That means a lot to me!

But if I only had one Itty Bitty Hill Medal of Honor to give out tonight, it would have to go to Mollie Mc, who drove through Mickey D's to feed my latest addiction and restore my humanity by presenting me with a mocha frappe, which is undeniably the most delicious way to ingest caffeine.  I'm sure it's awful for me, but, well, I'm also sure that it pretty much made the rest of the day possible.  :)

UPDATE:  Becca can keep eating!  Wohoo!  They will drop the probe with her awake (much like the n-g tube).  Don't know when, but we won't lose time!


  1. HOORAY (for the update, I mean)!

  2. Glad for the Update...phew! Thinking of you all - all the way from Canada (up in Ottawa visiting Canada, which is why I am unable to be in Nashville visiting you)! Love ya!

  3. I just want you to know that if I wasn't 2,000 miles away, I would so be coming to visit.

  4. Jennifer McCluskyJuly 1, 2010 at 12:05 PM

    Hi Nancy, just had a chance to read the updates. Keep hanging in there. . . wish we could visit and help you out. We were thinking about you all a lot yesterday, pretty much Matt's first comment at our first ultrasound after hearing our baby weighs 10oz was, "wow, wasn't Becca born at about that weight?" It just totally renewed my belief in Becca's, your's, and John's amazing-ness.

  5. Blessings to the Hill family, I have been following your blog now for about a week, and I am praying for all of you as you go through "another journey" on the NICU floor at Vandy. I am thoroughly impressed by your commitment to Becca and to all your followers out there (who are cheering for her) by giving such great updates! By the way, the best update was what she ate for lunch to "trick" the SLP :-) You are truly a wonderful family, and I will continue to follow your updates on Becca's progress. Blessings and Peace. Karla Bull :-)

  6. Jennifer NicholsJuly 1, 2010 at 7:22 PM

    I'm glad Becca can still eat and praying you get some real definite answers about what is going on. And Nancy, Mocha Frappes are amazing but does have 800 calories in a large. But if pray over it first, I believe God takes half of them away.