Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One More Thing..

I'm so used to Becca's modelling gigs (haha!) that I forgot to mention here that she's on the cover of the summer issue of Vanderbilt's "...On Their Way" magazine. The whole issue is about prematurity, and Becca shares the feature article with Dr. Mildred Stahlman -- yes, as in the Stahlman NICU -- the Vanderbilt doctor who adapted an iron lung used for polio patients to treat the first preemie ever saved through mechanical ventilation. (And, in an amazing story that some of you friends of this now grown up miracle preemie know, she is a friend and actually took care of Becca in the NICU - wow!) It would not be an exaggeration to say that Dr. Stahlman pretty much invented the field of modern neonatology.

See why I love Vandy?

Anyway, you can see the story online here. Click on her picture for the full story.

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