Monday, January 3, 2011

We're Ba-ack!

How about that for a Christmas break?  I guess moms get them, too!  But we're home, back to the routine, and hopefully back to blogging.  I don't have much time right now, as I've got BIG plans for this naptime (taking a hot shower!  Wow!), but I'll give you one nugget of fun in the Itty Bitty household. 

This morning, I woke up to Becca screaming.  I figured that she had thrown up again like normal, but when I rushed into her room, she was waving her hand and yelling, "Pooh pooh!  Pooh pooh!  Pooh pooh!"  Yep, you guessed it, folks: her sweet little hand was covered in poop. She had apparently pooped and then stuck her hand down her diaper.  (Why, I'll never know.) Luckily for me, she was so freaked out by having something on her hand (and not just because it was poop - anything visible on her hands elicits this reaction) that she was standing stock-still, except for the hand waving.  Much easier clean up that way.  See, sensory issues do have their upside.  No poop-smeared walls in our house (yet).

Be sure to check back the rest of the week for some picture-laden Christmas recaps and a 2010 year in review series!

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