Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Rosie

Santa brought Becca a very special baby!  Meet baby Rosie, the newest Bitty Baby in the Hill house (the first, of course, being Becca).  (And yes, the Reverend Cheap-O (that'd be me) did actually purchase a brand-name baby doll.  I mean, how could I not?  They named the entire line after our Itty Bitty!)  Becca loves baby Rosie and, frankly, I love her, too.  Maybe if this whole conception thing never does work out, I'll get one for me, too. But I digress.  Actually, that's about all I have to say about Rosie.  Can you believe that?  Few words from me...who knew it was possible?

In sum: Rosie is pretty swell, and her presence somehow makes Becca even cuter.  See for yourself:

She's fascinated by Rosie's fancy open-and-close eyes.

And she loves to de-clothe her.  Theoretically, she likes to change her clothes, but she
hasn't figured out how to put them on her...so she gets her nekked, and I dress her.

The moment before Becca, of course, tipped over backwards.

Again with the eyes...or maybe doll CPR.

Recalled stroller or user error?


I can't get over how old Becca looks here!

What every newborn needs: a cup of water, a spoon, and a hamburger bun.


  1. I love it! Baby Rosie is so cute. :) Maybe Becca's practicing to be a doctor with her eye exam/CPR procedures.

    And if you ever start carrying one of these around like a real baby, I'm calling the paddy wagon.

  2. I can't help but think (as I see Becca's mad skills) could there be a future feeding therapist in our midst?!?

  3. I love it, too! However, I went to the link about Bitty Baby Rosie, and I came upon a startling post. Apparently an adult purchased one for herself, and she weas excited because she can put her in the high chair that her husband made. Can we say "creepy?!" Let's hope it's just a misunderstanding.

  4. We loved our Bitty for many years. Addie even played with my Bitty Baby from when I was little and it still looks brand new. Unfortunately she only likes the big AG dolls now! I have several outfits for Bitty that we no longer use. If you're interested let me know, and I can send them to you! (Errr... I mean Becca!)