Monday, January 31, 2011

Big Girl Bed?

Becca and I made a quick trip to Target last night.  And though it's not really related to this post, I've got to tell to tell you that on the way to the store Becca was chanting, "Yay Tardet!  Yay Tardet!"  I've never been prouder.  BUT - the point is that while we were at the store, Becca picked picked out this:  

It's her big girl bedding set!  

(Please forgive the phone photo.  We seem to have gotten one of the last three sets in the world, as they are not available on Target's website, Amazon or Ebay.  Shoot - maybe I should sell this sucker for a 300% profit!)

Becca got to choose from among alphabet, flower and puppy bedding sets, and she chose alphabet.  She knows how much her mommy loves words.  :)  When I handed the package to her, she tossed it (very awkwardly) into the back of the cart and said, "HOME!"  I felt like was driving her getaway car.  

We are hoping to pick up a toddler bed from a friend in the next couple of days.  We've already got a hand-me-down bedrail, so once we get the bed, we'll be good to go.  

Apparently I'm dead-set on making the switch to the big girl bed.  But I'm not exactly sure why.  I could give you several good reasons why we shouldn't move Becca out of the crib, but I just feel like the time is right.  She doesn't know how to disconnect her feeding tube (on purpose, at least), so she'll be tethered to her pump, which will keep her from wandering around her room.  I'm planning on putting the bedrail up (if it's possible to use on a toddler bed) so that she's semi-contained, since she's not able to climb/crawl over things very well.  She is a good sleeper and usually goes to sleep quickly (with the occasionally restless "naptime" being the exception - but that has gotten better since we started hooking her up to her pump during naps).  

I don't know.  She's 2 1/2 now.  I think she's ready.  I think I'm ready.  I've wanted to do it for a while now but have made myself wait.  But it just feels right.  I think we might just go for it!  

What do you think?

p.s.  This is a good opportunity to see how often SuperDad checks the blog, as he's not fully aware of my crib graduation plans.  He might just be in for a surprise when he comes home from work one day this week.  


  1. We're at the same place! It just seems time, despite the likelihood of Ian wandering around his room at night.

  2. That's such a huge milestone! WTG Becca!

  3. I check every time you post, because I love you! Not sure I'm ready for her to graduate. We can talk more when I get home, which hopefully won't be delayed by the snow expected in DC