Thursday, January 20, 2011

Transfusion Bingo with RESULTS!

I've been having a little fun on, which gives neurotic parents/patients like me 24/7 access to lab results, vitals and other info from the patient's clinical record.  (It also lets you message your Vanderbilt doctors, which is why I got on there initially.)  I got curious and counted up the number of blood transfusions that Becca had while in the NICU.  So let's play a little game: Transfusion Bingo!  Guess how many transfusions (whole blood, platelets or plasma) Becca had in the course of her stay, and if someone gets it, I'll shout, "BINGO!" wave my arms around so you can see my bingo arm flab.  (Thanks to cousins Jana and Jessica for that lingo.)  So, have at it!  Leave your guess in a comment.  If someone gets it on the dot, there may be a prize involved, but I make no promises.

The answer is 26 transfusions: 20 whole blood, 5 platelets and 1 plasma.  
Nobody got it right on, but the Jessicas came close!  Jessica Miller Kelley guessed 23, and Jessica Mulvaney guessed 29.  Average them together, and you get a winner!  I have to wonder if this is some kind of humanymn scam.  (Did anyone listen to "Says You" this week?  They decided that people with the same names are called humanymns.  Or was is humaphones.  At any rate, it was some nice grammar nerd humor.)  Jessica and Jessica, I may dig up a prize for you...partly because you came close, but mostly just because I love you both!


  1. 36.

    I remember her having LOTS when she was first born...

  2. I'm going to go with 19. Not sure where that number comes from, but it feels like a good number to choose to me!

  3. Julie Pimlott - 34

  4. I was going to say 19 then I was going to say 23. Those are taken so I'll go with 35!

  5. 37...although this is a bingo contest I hope I don't win and that the real answer isn't nearly as high as my guess.