Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Snowy Observation

With our massive snowstorm this week (wink, wink), our street became home to several snowmen of various sizes.  There was Becca's Itty Bitty Frosty, about two feet tall, one that had four layers, with swimming "noodles" for arms, standing even taller than I, with a few more snowmen of moderate stature.  It was fun to see the neighborhood celebrating winter like that (and celebrating being out of school for four whole days!).  

The snow was slow to melt, finally disappearing almost entirely from our yard today.  As the week wore on, though, I noticed that the snowmen were feeling the effects of the sun.  The bigger snowmen fell first, even though they had the advantage of sheer freezing mass on their side.  But they toppled under their own weight, heads (literally) rolling off their bodies prematurely.  Becca's snowman, compact and plucky, was the last standing, proudly.  

Moral of the story: being itty bitty makes you stronger!


  1. Great message Nancy:) Glad Becca enjoyed the snow!

  2. Love it! The Williams family agrees completely!