Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things I Forgot To Say: Becca's First Boat Ride

I've mentioned before that my parents now live in a magical fairyland of old people active retirees on Tellico Lake.  Originally, they bought a ski boat to take out on the lake, but the soon traded it in for a pontoon boat because, according to my mother, "It's hard to drink wine in a ski boat."  I love everything about that statement.  Pontoon boats, as luck would have it, are also a lot better suited to the youngest of passengers, which is important because Becca's got 7 cousins on that side.  Several weeks after her g-tube surgery, on Labor Day, we finally got to take Becca on her first boat ride.  Enjoy - we did!

All suited up (in double layers to stay warm) and ready to go! 

Gotta protect those eyes!

Y'all take a break.  I got this.

And now I'll take a break.

Becca liked lying on the floor of the boat.
I joined her and counted it as sensory integration therapy -
lots of vestibular stimulation throughout the ride!

Getting her first driving lesson with Granddaddy

Now we're having fun!

But not as much fun in the water.
The kiddo has so little meat on her bones that she gets cold REALLY quickly.

The view from the boat.  And, no, Grandma and Granddaddy's
house is not *quite* as nice as these.  :)

This picture makes me smile.
SuperDad and his mother-in-law, lounging on the noodles.

Granddaddy rescued Becca from the water and helped her warm back up.

She then went about exploring the boat a bit more...and found this storage cabinet.

SuperMom was worn out and took advantage of the
opportunity for a nap in the sun.  Nice.

Back at the house, hanging out on the porch...and trying to decide
 if she should let Mommy open the door to join her.


  1. I like the term "active retirees", although a lot of days I feel like an old people. On those days, I drink more wine.

  2. "it's hard to drink wine on a ski boat." I love, love, love that quote. That's my criterion for choosing to do anything. Except work and pregnancy. I can abstain for those for 8 hours a day or 9 months every three years. Really, I can. (not prego right now, though, BTW)