Friday, January 29, 2010


Becca's test has been delayed 4 hours because some goober in the pre-op clinic told me that all juices counted as clear liquids, even though, I now know, only apple juice does. Oops. They also told the family that was scheduled before us the same they were also delayed due to orange juice. Ugh. The good thing is that our fabulous audiologist is willing to wait with us and will still run the test today, even though she otherwise would have gotten to go home early because of the snow. Thank goodness! Their next opening wasn't until March, and I am NOT willing to wait that long! Becca is doing great, considering that she hasn't eaten since last night (except those two sips of [non-clear] V8 juice this morning). She did get some [clear] apple juice until a hour ago, so that helped. She has been signing, "More, please," all day, especially this morning. Very funny. And cute. And pitiful.

So, I'll try to post with results as soon as I can!

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