Sunday, January 10, 2010

Busy Week!

Tomorrow kicks off the week of a million appointments. Or eight of them.

Tomorrow morning we see Dr. Kelly in the morning to see if we are done with helmet therapy! I'm so glad that we did it, but I'm so ready for it to be over so I can kiss my little girl's head! Tomorrow afternoon we see Jane for physical therapy and Caroline for feeding therapy. Jane is thinking about discharging her, but I'm not sure that she's ready, since she isn't making any moves towards walking or standing on her own. We'll see what Jane says. Feeding therapy should be same old, same old.

Tuesday we see Dr. Lomenick in endocrinology. He'll be looking at her growth and may order the skeletal scan I mentioned a few weeks ago and begin the process of evaluating for growth hormone therapy.

Wednesday, I go to traffic court in the morning (oops!), and then swing home to get Becca and go back to Vandy to see the ENT. I may have to lay the smack down here again to get some answers and a plan because heretofore (ha! I said "heretofore!" That was fun!) I have been bumped back and forth between the ENT and the audiologists. There is definitely something going on with her hearing, as she keeps performing poorly on her tests, but Dr. Werkhaven keeps failing to see a problem. We'll see about that. You may remember that he is not my favorite specialists, but he is growing on me. He'll win big points tomorrow if he a) washes his darn hands before touching my preemie in the middle of RSV season and/or b) figures out what is going on and how we are going to deal with it. My guess is that we'll end up scheduling surgery for a new set of tubes (very minor surgery, no worries).

Friday we have Early Intervention, occupational therapy, and feeding therapy, all regular appointments.

Well, that makes for a full week! I'll report back as I can!

And because she's so darn cute, here's your Monday morning Becca fix:

Might be one of her last pictures in her helmet!


  1. #1: Thank you for the Becca fix! I just LOVE those bows on her helmet!

    #2: I apologize for telling you the we just love Dr. Werkhaven. I didn't realize he was the one you didn't like. He was good to Parker when he did Parker's thyroglossal duct cyst surgery, but I see he wasn't the best with Becca. :(

    #3: Parker always starts hearing poorly (more poorly, I guess) when it's time for another set of tubes. It's how I know it's time. I make an appointment with our ENT, and sure enough, they will have fallen out or gotten stopped up. You're probably exactly right about getting another set.