Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Big Reveal

I mentioned the other day that I have a new venture in the works...and it's ribbon-cutting time!

I am thrilled to announce that I am opening a bookstore! Welcome to the grand opening of Itty Bitty Books! Of course I'm not actually opening a brick-and-mortar bookstore, but I've found the next best thing. I am a new independent consultant for Usborne Books & More, the publisher of Usborne and Kane-Miller books. It's a bookstore that I will be able to run from home, while juggling all of Becca's needs. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to our family's finances while still having plenty of play, cuddle, and therapy time with our Itty Bitty...and I get to help my friends and family provide these awesome books to the kids in their lives.

Usborne books really are great. When Becca's occupational therapist asked me what Becca's favorite toys are, I realized that they are not the fancy electronic light-up ones, but are (aside from every door in our house!) her books. She particularly loves her Usborne Touchy-Feely books in the "That's Not My..." series. We've got "That's Not My Puppy," "That's Not My Fairy," "That's Not My Penguin," "That's Not My Monster," "That's Not My Monkey," and "That's Not My Princess," and that's not all of them! She loves feeling each of the different textures, and her therapists agree that it's great for her (and any small child). In addition to the Touchy-Feely books, Usborne has some really interesting fiction and non-fiction titles that inspire curiosity and a love of reading and learning. There's an entire section on the site for pirate books! How fun is that?

The Kane-Miller line includes stories from around the world, introducing kids (and their caregivers!) to different cultures while engaging them in a compelling story. They teach kids that we live in a world that is big and small in which our differences and our similarities ought to be celebrated. Not to mention that the perennial favorites Everybody Poops and The Gas We Pass are Kane-Miller books! (Turns out they are from Japan - I never knew!)

Anyway, as you can tell, I'm really excited about this opportunity. I get to play with kids' books and take care of Becca full-time. And I earn free books while doing it - perfect!

Of course, though, I need your help to make Itty Bitty Books a success! There are 5 ways you can help me out right now:

1. Shop my first "e-show" by visiting this link and making a purchase. 80% of the titles are under $10, so take a look and pick a few. Remember, books make fabulous gifts that are easy to keep on hand - I highly recommend passing the "That's Not My..." series on to new parents or parents-to-be!
Here's the address for the sale:

2. Share the link for the e-show with your friends, families, co-workers, facebook friends, etc! If your order totals $85, you get $15 in free books - so gather some orders from friends, place them in one order, and get free books! This is also a great way to save on shipping.

3. Contact me about hosting your own show! As the host/ess you earn free books based on your guests' purchases - and you get a chance to gather your friends and explore new titles together. If you book in the next couple of weeks, your show is likely to qualify for a
double merchandise allowance - meaning that you would get twice as many free books as you normally would! This is a GREAT deal, but I can only offer it in my first few weeks as a consultant - so contact me quickly! E-mail me at ittybittybooks (at) yahoo.com, call, send me a facebook message, or leave me your contact information in a comment (but make sure to leave the info - I can't get it from Blogger). Feel free to pass this contact information on to your friends. In fact, if you refer someone to me and they book a show, you'll get a free book for yourself!

And here's a perfect opportunity for my blogosphere friends: if you are long distance or unable to host an in-home show, talk to me about hosting an e-show; it's
really simple. Unfortunately, though, you wouldn't get the double merchandise allowance, but you'd still earn lots of free books.

4. Take a moment to think about whether you or anyone you know might be interested in signing up as a consultant. The start-up costs are low, and there are no monthly minimums. The first 2 people who sign up with me will get their start-up kit (including 31 books!) for 1/2 price - it's an
awesome deal! I'm really hoping to find a few folks to be in business with me, so if you are curious please drop me a line. And I promise not to be pushy. ;) Again, feel free to pass this information on to friends or contacts!

5. If you have a connection with a daycare, preschool, elementary school, or library, please let me know. I am an educational consultant, meaning that I can sell to schools and libraries, and we have specially bound books for this purpose.

Thanks so much for your support - whether you are able to purchase or not, I'd really appreciate your encouragement and your forwarding this message on. As we anticipate increased medical bills for Itty Bitty in the coming year (remember the TennCare debacle?), I'm trying to help us get a little financial breathing room, if you will...and introduce you to our favorite books at the same time. I'm having fun already, and I hope you can join me in some way!

Nancy Speas Hill
Usborne Independent Educational Consultant #G3233

It's a rewarding experience when a child opens a book and discovers the magic of reading.


  1. You can count on the Kelley family to be loyal customers

  2. I am going to buy a few once my income tax refund gets here. Aryssa is such an avid reader, I want to make sure Brooklyn follows in her steps. Good luck