Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big Girl?

Is it just me, or is Becca looking really old these days? She's definitely lost the baby look. She's also getting tall (relatively speaking). For the first time I'm having to start bumping up a size (to 6-9 months) because of her length instead of her pudge.

Don't worry, Itty Bitty, you are still as cute as ever!

And how about these sleeping beauties? They'll never admit that they like each other...but we know better. There are few sights cuter than puppies sleeping in piles.


  1. You're right! She IS looking like a big girl now! She's definitely a toddler. :)

  2. I agree! Definitely looks older! and even cuter, if that is possible!

    Lindsay Million

  3. Hey Nancy,

    I thought you'd find this interesting, given the number of doctors Becca has.

    You can check out any of your doctors licensed in TN and see if they've ever gotten in trouble for anything, what they're certified to do, what schools they went to, etc etc.

    Mary Crider thinks that I shouldn't give you this because it will just become a new neurosis, but I thought it'd be interesting.

  4. I think she has totally changed her looks since she is getting taller and slimmer. She is a beautiful little girl!

  5. Her hair is getting so long! Pigtails soon!