Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Itty Bitty Artist at Work

About every week or so, we try to finger paint to help with some of Becca's sensory issues regarding slimy things on her hands. Here's the artist at work.

You can tell by the end that she's had about all she can take. But this is progress!

And because I am feeling particularly goofy tonight....check this link out!

(If any of you lovelies do bid, know that the amount of the winning bid will be added to our next March of Dimes contribution.)


  1. Hi Nancy! Just saw your comment on my wordless wednesday. We got Kate Tadoodles for Christmas, which say 18+ months, but I wanted to give them a try. She didn't do anything with them but put them in her mouth, so we're going to have to hold off. Becca might like them, though!

  2. ok that 4th picture is the BEST!!! LOVE it!!!