Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Free Books!

Free books? Does life get any better than this? Well, maybe if they were catchy kids' books, because they are infinitely more fun than our grown-up stories. But, hey, I'll take free books for me, too. Here's the link from . I just ordered mine, so I don't know if it works, but it's worth a try!

p.s. Yes, I did just change the background to an official Christmas one. I tried to stay on the Advent side of things with the blue one previously, but now it's officially Christmas, at least for several more days! Remember, Christmas isn't over 'til the fat lady until the magi make it to Bethlehem on Epiphany!


  1. I am totally planning to keep playing Christmas music in the car until January 6!

  2. I'm sure you know this already but Dolly Parton has a program to get a free book every month. It's called Imagination Library and you register online. We love it. Eli feels so special to get "mail"