Monday, December 14, 2009

Celebrity Micropreemie

I learned yesterday that there is a new celebrity micropreemie.  Josie Duggar, of 18 Kids and Counting fame, was born on Thursday night, at only 25 weeks gestation.  Super-baby-maker mom Michelle developed pre-eclampsia and had to have an emergency c-section.    I'll admit that I'm not a fan of the way that the Duggars have decided to create/plan/raise a family, but that's not the point.  I am all too familiar with the journey that they are starting out on, so I wish them only the best, particularly for little Josie.

But - I am ticked about how Josie's birth is being reported...perpetuating the myth that micropreemies are just like full-term babies, only smaller.  All they have to do is stay in the hospital long enough to fit into newborn clothes, right?  Ugh.  The family spokesperson even said that Josie is "resting" in the NICU.  What?  Resting?  Fellow preemie mom blogger Anne posted a commentary on her blog that hits the nail right on the head for me.  I hope you'll take a minute to read it and see exactly what I mean.  I don't expect cameras in the NICU or anything, but I do hope that TLC and the Duggars can accurately represent what they are going through as their micropreemie journey unfolds...'cause it ain't no picnic.  Anyway, here's the link to Anne's blog post: "Resting?"  Be sure to comment back here so I can see what you think!


  1. I haven't read Anne's post yet, but the People story I read infuriated me. It said she was "stable," which I know isn't accurate. Even when Jillian was "stable," she was in critical condition and very, very, very sick.

    I hope their story is happier than ours, but the whole thing has made me so angry.

  2. I definitely agree with that article and what you said. She may be fine, but many things can still happen.
    When I tell people I work in the NICU, they think my job is nothing but cute cuddly babies that are teeny, and this definitely furthers this message.
    I wish them all the best, but I hope that they can educate their audience.

  3. I thought it was so strange when I heard those reports, based on Becca's journey as well as some friends whose son was 3 lbs . . . the Duggars live near me and are definitely local celebrities around here. I hope little Josie does okay!