Thursday, December 24, 2009

Guess Who?

Look who Becca met yesterday!

I broke all kinds of infection-prevention protocol to do this, but sometimes a girl just has to get a picture with Santa. Or sometimes a mama needs her girl to get pictures with Santa. She loved meeting him (though she doesn't look thrilled in the pictures - she was mesmerized!), and he was really impressed with her. He said that she's a "Santa record" - the smallest baby (at birth) he's ever held! And Santa holds a lot of kids! Also note her new headgear. While we were waiting for Santa to get back from feeding his reindeer, we stopped into Gymboree to hit up their sale, and I realized that since Becca will probably get her helmet off in 2.5 weeks, it's still going to be cold, and she's going to needs some winter hats after all! So I picked up this doozy and another pom-pommed one, and she looks oh so cute in them.

Santa, you're the best! We are so excited that you will be stopping by our house tonight!

(Oh and a stat check - at Becca's 18 months well baby appointment (I know, 18 months - crazy, right?), she weighed in at a chunky 14 pounds, 11 ounces and measured 26.2 inches tall! That's awesome growth for our itty bitty! Way to think chubby, Becca!)

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  1. yay for Becca's chubbiness!!!!

    LOVE the Santa pics and the hat!