Tuesday, December 15, 2009

15 Months Adjusted! (Almost 18 for real)

Becca turned 15 months adjusted yesterday! I'm not sure why, but this one feels like a really big deal to me. Maybe because 15-month-olds are just definitely not babies anymore. I don't know...but for whatever reason, I like this one. At 15 months (adjusted), Becca is crawling all over the place -- and pretty quickly! She's pulling up to a stand on everything, including walls, and cruises the entire length of the couch as she tries (usually without success) to catch a puppy dog's tail or ear to pull. She loves to wave and is obsessed with Mommy's computer. We've started feeding therapy (more on that in another post), and even though feeding is still an issue, her new super milk seems to be helping. According to my very unofficial measurement (stepping on and off the scale with her in my arms), she's -- wait for it -- gained some weight! Wohoo! She's somewhere around 14.5 pounds now, and she looks a little bit taller to me. Who knows, though. She's busy, and she's happy. Unless she is (how do they say it on the developmental checklist? oh yeah...) "demonstrating tantrum behavior." But I'm glad to see her spirit and independence, though they come as a surprise to none of you loyal Becca fans!

In celebration of her adjusted 15-month birthday (wow, we celebrate everything, don't we?!), SuperDad helped me wrangle the all too elusive crawling-for-the-camera out of our Itty Bitty. It looks like she's crawling crooked in the video, but Daddy was standing just off-screen to the right, so she was actually crawling directly to him -- no surprise there!


  1. wow! She's really getting good. I can't believe how much she's developing all of a sudden. It's not been but a few weeks, really, since I've seen her and that's a LOOOOONG way from the somewhat unwilling roll that I saw.

  2. That was so amazing and fabulous!! So happy for itty bitty and her rockin' folks! =0) Narcie

  3. Wait... having a tantrum is on the developmental checklist? So they encourage these things???
    Happy 15th, Becca! Love you!

  4. Yay, Becca!!!

    Just gotta say, your dogs obviously know what "Come here!" means! :)

  5. I just watched Becca crawl for another time and loved it. She is one special little girl

  6. WOw... she is so stinkin cute! I love hearing her little voice and seeing her move like that! Go Becca!!!
    Oh and I LOVE her wave, it is too cute!