Monday, August 24, 2009

Helmet, Take 2

Okay, where the Signature Health Alliance failed us, the much more humane insurance collective known as the Hill family has stepped in, and Becca IS getting her helmet!  Yay!  Even though she would have still been gorgeous and - if you don't mind - a kick-ass diva with a flat head, we're going to see what the helmet can do.  As John said, "Our kid only gets one head."  Good point.  So begins the helmet therapy.

We went for the casting today, and we'll go back for the (3-hour!) fitting appointment on Friday afternoon.  It normally takes 10-12 days to have the helmet made, but I convinced the kind folks at Restorative Health to rush it so that she will have a few days in it at home before she goes to Nana Camp and we go to Malaysia.  I opted for a plain white helmet so that we can accessorize with bows to match her outfit and/or the upcoming holiday.  I'm learning to make the bows to velcro on to the helmet - which reminds me of when Heather and Stacy (and Leigh and Carla and Millie!) used to glue bows onto her sweet, tiny little bald head.  I'll never forget Heather saying (the first time we saw her in a bow), "She's wearing a bow because she's fancy." 

She is fancy, and now she'll be fancy in her state-of-the-art, patent-pending, custom-made helmet!  Thanks, Nana and G-Diddy!

Don't worry - I'll be sure to post pictures on Friday.


  1. Also what you can do (if the mood strikes you) is those stick-on rhinestones. one of the little girls I watch had a helmet and her mom always had different designs on it. They come off easily.
    My favorite was one shaped like superman's symbol in pink rhinestones.

  2. I'm pretty sure I'll be laughing about "our kid only gets one head" for a very long time.

    John Hill, you make me laugh. Even from 3 hours away.

  3. you all are so funny! I am going to send you a link to a great tutorial on how to make hairbows... I have used it lots of times, it is very easy and makes CUTE bows!