Friday, August 21, 2009

Friends and Flatheads

I was looking through recent pictures for a silhouette so that you can see the flat head of which I write, and in so doing, I found a couple of pictures of some special friends that I hadn't posted.  In each of the sets below, I've posted one just plain adorable shot and one that shows the side of Becca's head. 

In July, between the mission trip in Atlanta and the week at the beach with John's family, we spent the night with some of our dear friends from seminary, Narcie and Mike...and we got to meet their two little ones, Enoch and Evy.  Narcie and I appear to have similar taste in baby clothes (or our mothers and mothers-in-law do!) because Becca and Evy often have matching outfits.  Here they are, with big brother Enoch (who is crazy fun!), in matching dresses.  Enoch is 2-ish (?  Narcie, correct me!), and Evy is 6 months.  These kids are destined to be friends, if for no other reason than to commiserate.  Enoch was born during Annual Conference, and on Evy's birthday, Narcie went straight from the Advent service she was preaching to the hospital.  Love those PK's! 

Here they are, about as posed as you can get 3 kids 2 & under:

Becca June-July 064

And here's Becca manhandling Evy so that she can swipe Narcie's cell phone from her:

Becca June-July 072

Don't worry; Evy wasn't hurt.  My girl's a bruiser, though!

This next little man is in the running to be Becca's boyfriend (along with Hunter, Colin, and Enoch, of course).  Clark is - follow me here - John's parents' best friends' daughter's kind of like a cousin on a separate family tree.  He was born 2 weeks before Becca, but was full-term (so he's kind of older).  He is aDORable, and I'm sure it will get more and more fun to see them together as they get older.  Here they are on the last night (sniff sniff) at the beach. 

Becca June-July 104

And just being cute - note the linked arms!

Becca June-July 106

And for one of the most specialest friends in all the big, wide world - Becca wrestling with her G-diddy:

Becca June-July 094

Phew.  That was hard work.

Becca June-July 091

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