Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun in the Pool!

I snagged a pretty good-sized baby pool on clearance at Target the other day for $7.  Sweet.  Becca and I busted it out today for the first time.  It's awesome - enough room for Becca to walk around in her float while Mom lounges against the corner.  Pretty comfy.  Here's a video of our dog days fun - complete with a burp.  Too funny.  Speaking of dogs, they were interested in the pool, but refused to jump in.  Sasha did scrunch the side down enough to drink out of it, though.  She was thrilled to have discovered a gi-normous water bowl in her own backyard.

Here's the link: .  Enjoy!


  1. nancy, she is adorable! great find on the pool, too... maybe i need to search out my target. :)

  2. Yes, great pool! [Runs to Target] [not really]
    [but maybe later]