Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm a lazy blogger.  I feel a little badly about that, but not too badly.  Sorry.  But here are some quick updates.

First kids first: Becca had her EEG last Tuesday, and while it definitely wasn't the easiest procedure we've been through, we survived.  They put 22 electrode probe things all over her head, wrapped it in gauze and told her to lie still for an hour.  And we were supposed to get her to sleep.  At 8:30 in the morning.  Right.  So after keeping her up late the night before and waking her up early, she never did fall asleep for the test.  Apparently it was not essential, though (wish they had said that to begin with!), and they got enough data to determine that her brain functions perfectly normally (even with the missing bit).  We'll talk with the pediatrician tomorrow-ish (he was out of town, but a partner gave us the results), but I anticipate no seizure meds and no follow up with neurology - just a heightened awareness that she is prone to seizures when she is ill (and not necessarily just febrile ones).  She's probably grow out of them.  In the meantime, we won't let her drive while she's sick.

Second kids second:  Baby Brother is a big ole fatty.  We haven't done a growth scan in a few weeks, just quick peeks on the ultrasound to make mama happy, but we'll get another size estimate on Wednesday.  He should be somewhere around 2 pounds by then, probably a bit more.  And definitely a lot bigger than his "big" sister was at this point - or for a couple more months.  All seems to be well with him, so that is AWESOME and a bunch of steps ahead of where we were with Becca at this point.

And this point is (as of Monday) 27 weeks.  With Becca, I was admitted at 27 weeks, 1 day, and she was delivered at 27 weeks, 6 days.  I don't anticipate meeting this little booger in the next week, thank goodness.  Unfortunately, though, we are starting to see my blood pressure trending upwards and teetering close to pre-eclampsia range. Blech.  I haven't hit the magic numbers yet (140/90 sustained), but I've bounced pretty close to them a few times.  So after talking with Dr. Sizemore on Friday, we decided that I would drop some non-essential work tasks (a.k.a. spending all weekend at church-related functions at which I was expected but not really necessary) and sit on my butt as much as possible.  I'm still full-time but will be watching my activity level and spending a lot of time preparing my FABULOUS assistant to take over any given day.  Of course, we're still hoping that day is not until sometime in August, but, hey, if she's prepared a few weeks early, what's that going to hurt?  So, church folk, if I look lazy, it's 'cause I'm actually trying to keep working as long as possible (with the goal, of course, not so much being about the work as it is being healthy enough to keep working and growing Mr. Fatso).

Speaking of Mr. Fatso, I am super big and LOVING it.  I'm definitely bigger than I ever was with Becca, which makes sense because there is twice as much baby in there.  And it's really fun.  Even if we don't end up with a full 39/40 weeks, I'm enjoying being/looking/feeling more pregnant than ever, even though some of it is definitely not comfortable.  I'm having pains in bones I previous did not know existed, for example.  I'll leave it at that.  :)  But it's so worth it to have a kiddo who is big and strong, even though he might also be an early bird.  Like I said, way ahead of where we were this time last time.

I'm actually not more pregnant that I've ever been - that will happen on Sunday after 3 pm-ish.  I'll try to give the blogosphere a shout out for that milestone, but remember if you don't hear from me - no news is good news.  If I'm sitting in a hospital bed I'll have wireless internet and plenty of time to update - so be happy for me if I leave you hanging.  :)


  1. I prefer a chubby, lazy children 's minister so get those feet up as often as you can....pretty please.

  2. Yay for a normal EEG!

    And YAY for a biggo baby! And those bones... yeah, that doesn't get any better. Worse, really. It sucks but I keep telling myself it'll be so worth it. :)

  3. What matters most at this point is keeping little Fatso in situ until he experiences the least trauma possible before coming out to meet the world. Butt in chair, feet up, little mama!

  4. Be glad if u can still pee...thats what I didn't care for with my #2. He sat right on my plumbing in such a way I had to be cathed a couple times. You know how often pregnant women need to pee...that was me but couldn't.

    Hooray for fatso! Grow baby,grow.

  5. YAY for everybody! I remember so clearly the evening I stumbled on your blog, reading and crying from the beginning through to Becca's being about a year old. Thinking of you and the Little Fatso! And Becca, of course! So glad her EEG was normal.