Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pouches for Parents

Two posts in one day...craziness, I know!  But this one's not about me and my little family.  Well, not directly.  But y'all have heard me complaining about the discomforts of hospital life more than once...and while we are staying far away from hospitals this summer (so far, so good), thousands of kids and their families are taking up residence at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, otherwise known to Becca as "MY hospital!" (BTW, the current Vandy Children's marketing campaign - totally ripped from Becca's brain.)  And Vandy is great, but no hospital is actually comfortable, especially when you end up there on short notice and without the personal niceties of home.  So my friend Allison Glasgow, whose niece is often a patient at Vandy, is doing something about it.  She's a 31 consultant who's running a very special deal, outlined below. Basically, she's turning a staple 31 item into a care package for parents of kids in the hospital.  It's a brilliant idea (and one that I hope NOT to be on the receiving end of this summer).  I'll let her explain the rest in the flyer below, but let me also say that the Large Utility Tote she mentions (which you can buy deeply discounted as a bonus) is my FAVORITE 31 product out there, and I'll be completing our family's set when I make my pouch donation and buy one for baby boy, just as soon as his name is solid enough to be monogram-able.  Also note: the flyer says that she has to have your order by June 22, but she's willing to leave it open until June 29 - but that's a firm deadline so that she can get the orders in by month close.  To order, use her contact info in the bottom right of the flyer.  (You may need to click on the picture to view it larger.)  Thanks!

p.s. I'm not getting anything from this sale - except a great deal on baby boy's bag when I donate 3 pouches.  I just think this is a great idea, and one that hits home with our family and many of your families.  And if you ever find yourself heading to the hospital with your kiddo for an extended stay, I highly recommend taking your own toilet paper.  Theirs sucks.  :)

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  1. Nancy, thank you for posting! I am honored and humbled to have you as a friend. You and your family have been a blessing to me. And I will make sure to get baby boy's name before month's end!