Monday, February 14, 2011

What Just Happened?

I remember now why I started blogging so much more when I stopped working - because I didn't have time to do it before.  And now that I'm back in the workforce, it's been difficult to sit down at the computer long enough to focus on a post.  But, wow, I've got a lot to write about.  Because here's what just happened: my Itty Bitty Baby Becca turned into a very BIG GIRL.  I'll try to knock out a few posts right now so that over the course of the week you can see what I mean.

So, first of all, let me update you on the big girl bed situation.

She's in it right now, napping.  Hopefully for a couple more hours.  She slept in it Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights with no problems.  Absolutely no problems.  She loves her big girl bed.  And she can't quite manage to climb in or out of it without help, which is (for my purposes) kind of awesome.  She also napped in it on Saturday and Sunday, and both naps were shorter than normal (but still about 1.5 hours), so I'm hoping that it's not being in the bed that is affecting the length of her naps.  She tends to nap longer when John isn't home (guess missing out on time with Daddy is just not worth the sleep to her), and he was home all weekend, so I'm hoping that's the issue.  I think we'll get an answer on that after today's nap.  I took Sasha, Buster AND Becca to the dog park and to Target this morning, so she's certainly tired, and SuperDad's at work, so if she's going to nap for her more typical 2.5-3 hours, today's the day.  Except that there is so much sunshine spilling into her room that that could be a disturbance...but I'm not about to complain about SUNSHINE after all of this snow!

Here's the last picture I took of Becca in her crib.  (One night this weekend I found her in her new bed sleeping in this exact same position.  Love it.)

And here's how excited she was when I brought her big girl bed home, followed by a clip of her testing it out once we finally got it together.  (This video is also awesome because you can tell just how well she listens to me.):

And here's her first night in the big girl bed, taken right at bedtime so she's awake but squeezing her eyes shut...while saying, "Cheese!"  This kid's a hoot!

I'd say this is one growing up transition that's been easier than I expected!


  1. Becca gets cuter everyday! Think she'd let me hold her?

  2. By the way, Did you paint flowers and tree? They're awesome!