Sunday, February 6, 2011

March for Babies!

It's March for Babies Season!

Mark your calendars, folks - the 2011 Nashville March for Babies is only 10 weeks away!  And Becca wants YOU

to be on her team!  

You know that we are big fans of the March of Dimes in Itty Bitty Hill country.  Not only have they given SuperMom an awesome job, they have also made it possible for me to have THE BEST JOB EVER - being mommy to the little missy herself!  Without their research and specifically their work in bringing about a regional NICU system and the development of the surfactant therapy that helped her lungs in her very first days of life, I would likely be more well-rested and wealthier, but very, very sad...and Becca-less.  

You know, we had actually picked out a different name for a girl when we found out that Becca was having trouble.  But we decided to save that name for a daughter who would live and settled on Rebecca Marie.  Rebecca is significant on both sides of our families (my mom and John's aunt), and Marie sounds good with Rebecca (the reason John picked it out) and is my oldest friend in the world (the reason I agreed to it).  If Becca didn't make it, she would always be our Baby Becca; if she did, she'd have options as an adult (Becca, Rebecca, Becky, Beck, whatever).  But our *other name* (which I'm not going to tell you), we saved for a sure bet.  (Ah, ignorance is any pregnancy or child is a "sure bet".)

I've never, ever in my life been so glad to be wrong.  

And frankly, the March of Dimes played a major role in proving me wrong.  And I still love them.  :)  Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing more ways the March of Dimes has been making a difference in the lives of families and babies throughout the world for over 70 years. 

Itty Bitty Becca's team has set an overall goal of $2500 for this year's march.  That's a significant increase over last year's total, but I really believe that we can do it!  We have several team members raising funds on their own, and we've actually already got $300!  If you are interested in talking with your friends and families about contributing, you can either share the link below, or sign up on that page so that you can set up your own fundraising goal and personal page.  (It's really easy - just takes a minute.  I recommend a personal goal of $200.) 

We'll have a couple of ways to contribute over the coming weeks (including t-shirts again!), but to start us off, let me highlight two:
  1. Cold, hard cards or PayPal, that is.  The most cost-effective way to contribute is a straight-up contribution.  To do so, visit  If you prefer to contribute via check, please let your e-mail address in a comment so that I can contact you with our home address.  
  2. Shop Itty Bitty Books!  For the month of February, I will contribute ALL of the profits from orders placed through this link.  (If that link doesn't work for you, go to, click to enter the store, click on "March of Dimes Benefit" on the right and shop away!)  So if you've been meaning to replenish your kids' (or grandkids' or classroom') library or to stock up on awesome birthday gifts, this is a great time to do so!

And if you still need a reminder of what the March of Dimes means to our family, let the Itty Bitty Parrot Becca herself explain why you should join our team.  And then visit to contribute or to sign up to walk with us.  

Thank you for your help - and we look forward to walking with you (in person or in spirit) on Sunday, April 17 in Centennial Park!


  1. That is SUCH an ADORABLE video! Yay Team Becca!


    And I love her little "Thank you," sign at the end when you said, "Thank you, everybody!"