Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tinkle, Tinkle

Usually when I'm around Becca and hear a "tinkle" sound, it's her asking me to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," which was the first song she ever sang along to and probably still her favorite song.  But on Monday, right before she went down for her nap in her big girl bed, I heard a different "tinkle" from Becca.  Yeah, that's right...wait for it...

Becca went pee-pee in the potty!

I was changing her diaper and asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty.  She said no, but after a few seconds, she said, "Pee-pee potty!"  After confirming that she did, indeed want to sit on the potty, I whisked her naked butt into the bathroom and sat her down on her squishy Elmo potty seat.  We then started to read our special potty-only Elmo books (a bribe to get her to actually spend a couple of minutes on the toilet), and halfway through Elmo's First Book of Airplanes and Rockets, I heard a little "tinkle tinkle tinkle"!  It wasn't very much; it might have even been only one "tinkle," but I was all over it!  I think it/I actually scared her a little bit.  She looked really surprised but then when I told her she actually got to USE TOILET PAPER (her favorite toy ever) to wipe, she got excited.  The rest of the routine is old hat to her because she does it every time she sits on the toilet: hop down (with Mommy's help - the toilet is very large when you are very wee), flush, watch the water go around and around (and talk about it), climb on the Elmo stool and let mom pick you up to "wass hans."  Except this time we had a massive potty dance in the middle of it, waving our arms, twirling in circles, all with her little naked booty poking out from under her Elmo shirt.  (You could say we're still a little obsessed with the furry red guy.)

I was so proud of her!  I don't expect her to be straight into panties or anything, but, y'all this is huge!  It's huge for any kid, but it's especially huge for one with gross motor delays and hyposensitivity issues.  Because she's under-responsive to sensory stimulation, it's hard for her to recognize the feeling that she's got to "go."  I mean, it's hard for her to actually feel that feeling.  But I think she did this time!  I know part of her wanting to sit on the potty was simply to put off her nap (she always wants to sit on the potty before bedtime!), but the diaper I had just taken off of her was really dry, and when she got to the potty, she started "tooting" (and told me every time she did) and, of course, peed, so I think she might actually be connecting the toilet with the sensation and the appropriate response to it.  She's associated the toilet with pee and pooh for quite sometime now - at least as the place where Mommy and Daddy pee and pooh.  But for her to realize that she can make things happen there, too, is awesome!

I'm not tossing out the diapers tonight, but I might just wait a little while before I decide just how jumbo a pack I should buy this week!