Friday, April 9, 2010

Brief Updates

Several brief and somewhat unrelated energy to be creative tonight, so I'll just spell them out.

  1. It appears that I am not pregnant. Poop. Maybe next month. 9's a lucky number, right? I'm done with the crazy pills, though. John, you okay with that? (Did everyone hear the rousing, "YES!"?)
  2. Becca's ear was bleeding again. Doc doesn't think it's necessarily infected, but it's definitely irritated, so we've restarted the drops and will call the ENT (the new one? the old one? awkward! I'm hoping the nurses can handle it) and see what they want to do and if we can get her earplugs. (Craptastic ENT never fitted her for them, even though she's had tubes for 14 months. And surely I didn't just call him craptastic out loud, right? Not I. And why does blogger not recognize "craptastic" as a word? Get on board, folks.)
  3. Good news from the doc, too, though - Becca has gained weight! She is 14 pounds, 15 ounces. I kind of want to find a reason to take her back in in the morning so that we can see if she hits 15 pounds even tonight. We're just thrilled that she's gained at all, since she hasn't in a couple of months. Just for perspective, though, let me tell you that an average 19-month-old girl (Becca's adjusted age in less than a week) weighs a little over 24 pounds. But I'll sure as heck take 15 pounds!
  4. And more good news - our March for Babies team has raised $1100! (Yes, that's despite what the ticker in the sidebar says. It doesn't track all the donations.) And that's not counting all the t-shirts you fabulous folks purchased! Wow! I expect that we'll have at least another couple hundred or so roll in before the walk next Sunday. If you haven't donated yet, this would be a great time to do so! Just visit We also have a great group of folks walking with us - you can also sign up to walk at this site.
That's all I've got...'cause I feel like this tonight (not bad or sad, just tired):

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  1. I wrote a comment yesterday, but it appears it did not post. We are not going to be able to walk with you like we wanted to, but we are still planning to donate (Friday b/c it's payday). I will do it that morning!