Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Lots of eloquent thoughts on miracles, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to come.  For now, though, just this:

My baby smiles at me.  Hot damn, that's great!  I tend to smile back.

Also in Becca news:  she has developed "The Becca Noise." (Each member of our family has a noise.  Perhaps someday I'll share the others.)  When holding her paci in her mouth, she babbles, saying, "waggawaggawaggawaggawaggawoooooo."  I like it. 

I had to pack up most of the preemie clothes yesterday.  There are a few things left out, several that I need her to wear one last time, but we're moving into the newborn clothes (which is good, because I never did find Christmas outfits in preemie sizes).  Not quite ready for the 0-3 months, but out of the preemies.  The amazing thing is that it's mostly the length that has become a problem.  She's 18 inches, 6.5 pounds now - like a newborn, only 5 months older.  And cuter.

Never did tell you about the endocrinologist - nice guy, not sure if her hypothyroidism will be chronic or not, adjusting her meds, and will recheck after Christmas and possibly decide to readjust, depending on her levels.  Didn't learn much about the vision issues associated with septo-optic dysplasia.  I'll likely call the pediatric ophthamologists and, um, politely request that they see her earlier than the spring visit she has scheduled and tell us what in the world we may be looking at (no pun intended, but I kind of like it). 

Starting work again.  Conflicted about this.  Not sure how to do it all: full-time childcare (though with an extremely helpful husband/father) and "part-time" youth ministry.  We'll see.  One week at a time.  Speaking of, if you want to wrap presents at the Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, e-mail me at nancyhillbumc@gmx.com.  You know you want to!

Really, that's all I've got.  Very tired and achey.  But congrats to Narcie (who is surely more tired and achey than I) and Mike on the birth of adorable Evangeline Grace!  And because I love you and would like you to smile, here's the Santa Becca picture. 



  1. Love that sweet girl and hope I get the chance to see her smile for myself!! Her Christmas dress is beautiful, just like her! Love to you all!!

  2. it is great to hear such good updates from you and yours about your sweet becca. she is filling out well, and it is exciting to hear she is finally starting to fill in some newborn clothes. i love watching her grow through your pictures and continue to pray for her and her continued progress in this life as an answer to prayer (and an itty bitty baby).

  3. There is nothing like the smile of your baby! We are looking forward to seeing you all at Christmas time.